Wire Netting
We offer Wire Netting made from stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, galvanized iron wire and fiber glass. Enameled, painted or PVC coated finishing is available for customers choice. Enameled Wire Netting, PVC Coated Wire Netting and Fiber Glass Wire Netting offer the most diversified colors, which can cater to different taste and environment requirements.

Standard size: 14X14mesh, 14X16mesh, 16X18mesh, 18X18mesh

  • Stainless Steel Wire Netting
  • Enameled Iron Wire Netting
  • Galvanized Iron Wire Netting
  • Aluminum Alloy Wire Netting
  • PVC Coated Iron Wire Netting
  • Glass Fiber Wire Netting

    Galvanized Wire Netting

    Green Painted Wire Netting

    mesh x wire gauge (BWG) x  roll width x roll length

    mesh x wire gauge (BWG) x  roll width x roll length

    14 mesh x32# x 1m x 25 m
    22mesh x32" x 1m x 25 m
    14 mesh x 32# x 3' x 25 m
    24mesh x32" x 1m x 25 m
    14 mesh x 32# x 4' x 25 m
    25mesh x32" x 1m x 25 m
    16meshx 32# x 1 m x 25 m
    26mesh x32" x 1m x 25 m
    16 mesh x 32# x 4' x 25 m
    26mesh x33" x 1m x 25 m
    18mesh x 32# x 1m x 2 5m
    Note: width of 0.6 to 1.5m available.
    18  mesh x32# x 4' x 25 m
    20mesh x 32# x 1 m x 25 m

    Aluminum Alloy Wire Netting, White Painted

    mesh x wire gauge (BWG) x roll width x length
    14 mesh x 31/32# x 1 m x 25 m
    16 mesh x 31/32# x 1m x 25 m
    18 mesh x 31/32 x 1 m x2 5 m

    Note: width of 0.6m-1.5m available

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